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Attending our chapter meeting as an official visitor or as a substitute is a great way to get to know us.  A visitor is someone who attends our meeting as just that — a visitor.  You pay a meal fee and you have 30 seconds to promote your business.  A substitute is someone who attends our meeting in place of a member, eats that person’s meal (fee already paid), and promotes both that member’s business as well as his/her own. 

NOTES FOR ARRIVAL:  Arrival is between 7:15 am and 7:30 am at the Sir Francis Drake, room to be determined.  Please arrive on time to make sure you have time to check in and to network. Bring at least 30-40 business cards.

Please let the visitor host know whether you are visiting or substituting for another member.  If you have never visited a BNI meeting before, you will receive a Visitor Information card to guide you.

BEFORE YOU ARRIVE:  You will have an opportunity to promote your business for 30 seconds during the meeting.  Please come prepared to give a 30-second commercial letting the group know who you are, what you do, and who would be a good referral for you.  This commercial will be timed, and after 30 seconds the group will start applauding.  Please be sure to finish up as soon as you hear the buzzer or applause begin. Thirty seconds will go by fast, so please be sure to practice before you arrive.  Please also be sure to bring LOTS of business cards.

DURING THE MEETING:  Our meeting agenda is below.  During the 30-second infomercials, if you are a substitute, you will first do the 30-second commercial for whom you are subbing.  The group will applaud.  Then, you get to do your 30-second commercial, and the group will applaud. If you are a guest, you will simply give your 30-second infomercial.

The visitor host who will greet you and all the chapter members are here to help you and make your experience a good one.  Please feel free to ask questions.

We look forward to seeing you!


  • Light networking before grabbing food and sitting down.
  • Welcome.
  • Purpose and overview of BNI.
  • Educational moment.
  • Swearing in of new or renewing members (if we have any).
  • Passing of the business card box.
    • Visitors/Subs: Please add some of your business cards to the front of the binder. You may take individual cards as you wish.
  • 30-second infomercials.
    • Visitors/Subs: If you are subbing for someone, you will give that person’s 30-second infomercial, and we will applaud. Then, you will give your own 30-second infomercial. Visitors, you will simply give your 30-second informercial.
  • Chapter reports: VP, membership, and secretary/treasurer.
  • Speaker presentation(s).
  • Referrals and testimonials.
    • Visitors/Subs: When the “I have” box is passed to you, please stand and make a referral if you have one or share your experience of your visit and the group, let us know what you liked best about the meeting.
  • Door prize, raffle drawing (if available).
  • Visitors/Subs: Meet with membership committee host if you like.
  • Announcements, reminders, closing.

When you arrive in the lobby you can take a look at the sign board to figure out which room we’re in that day:


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