Chapter Results

We regularly track and measure ourselves against three criteria:

  1. One-To-One Meetings: These are meetings between chapter members, or between members and guest attendees, held separately from the weekly chapter meetings.  These meetings are one-to-one, face-to-face, and generally last one hour (ideal for a midday coffee or lunch meeting).  They are intended to help the participants identify new businesses opportunities and uncover new leads.  One-to-ones are the lifeblood of any chapter.
  2. Leads Referred: Simply put, this indicator measures who gives -and who receives- referrals for new business.  Members who make a habit of having one-to-ones with other members and guests tend to give -and get- more referrals.
  3. Closed Business: Once business has been referred, it is up to the person receiving the referral to close the deal and deliver the services or goods promised.  We track the dollar value of these closed opportunities.