March 4 Meeting Minutes

  1. Open Networking – Austin Andruss in charge of guest registrations
  2. Call to Order – Brian Murphy called the meeting to order at 7:45am
  3. Leadership Team Introductions – Brian introduced Christen as VP, Raffi as Sec/Treas, Kirk as Education Coordinator.
  4. BNI Overview – Brian provided an overview of BNI and the benefits to its members.
  5. Networking Education – Kirk Dahle provided tips on how to invite new members.
  6. Elevator Pitches – Each member gave a 30-second elevator pitch about their business.
  7. Induct New Members – None
  8. Visitor Introductions – Shamieka Preston (guest of Kirk Dahle) introduced her SEO business.
  9. Vice President’s report – Referrals, Closed Business, and One-on-One data from 2013 is still being tabulated.
  10. Membership Committee Report – One application being reviewed
  11. Speaker rotation – Raffi announced the speakers for the next six weeks.
    • Brian Murphy – March 11
    • Austin Andruss – March 18
    • Shab Puri – March 25
    • Christen Scanlon – April 1
    • Alec Harrington – April 8
    • Kirk Dahle – April 15
    • Gino Avila – April 22
    • Sarah Michelle Davis – April 29
    • Holly Reeves – May 6
    • Lisa Poulson – May 13
  12. Highlight speaker – Raffi gave a 10-minute talk on Managed IT Services vs. Time & Materials billing relationships.
  13. Chapter Growth Exercise – Kirk announced the chapter charity event at Glide on or around April 10th.  Details are being finalized.
  14. Pass Referrals – Members announced to the group the referrals they were providing other members.
  15. Meeting Adjourned – Brian Murphy adjourned the meeting at 8:30am

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