March 18 Meeting Minutes

  1. Open Networking – Austin Andruss in charge of guest registrations
  2. Call to Order – Brian Murphy called the meeting to order at 7:55am
  3. Leadership Team Introductions – Brian introduced Christen as VP, Raffi as Sec/Treas, Kirk as Education Coordinator.
  4. BNI Overview – Raffi provided an overview of BNI and the benefits to its members.
  5. Networking Education – Lisa Poulson offered the insight that good customer service is not a differentiator that builds customer loyalty; it is a requirement.
  6. Elevator Pitches – Each member gave a 30-second elevator pitch about their business.
  7. Induct New Members – None
  8. Visitor Introductions – Diane Gibbs and John Sullivan (guest of Brian Murphy)
  9. Vice President’s report – Christen absent.
  10. Membership Committee Report – Nothing to Report
  11. Speaker rotation – Raffi announced the speakers for the next six weeks.
    • Shab Puri – March 25
    • Christen Scanlon – April 1
    • Alec Harrington – April 8
    • Kirk Dahle – April 15
    • Gino Avila – April 22
    • Sarah Michelle Davis – April 29
    • Holly Reeves – May 6
    • Lisa Poulson – May 13
  12. Highlight speaker – Austin Andruss spoke about a day in the life of a mortgage banker.
  13. Chapter Growth Exercise – Kirk passed out note cards and asked the group to list the person or persons who we will invite next week.  Also, the fun networking function at Glide may be rescheduled.
  14. Pass Referrals – Members announced to the group the referrals they were providing other members.
  15. Meeting Adjourned – Brian Murphy adjourned the meeting at 8:35am

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